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Artiste Sherry Uwase on her growing music career

Sherry Uwase is a singer, song writer and guitarist who is making a name for herself on the local music scene. / Photo: Courtesy.

Sherry Uwase kicked off her music career as a gospel singer who often performed at churches and concerts.

 Later, she began doing song covers, and before long, began exploring other genres with her own songs like “Gerayo” and “Bouger”. 


The singer, songwriter, guitarist, and art enthusiast shared her journey in the industry and future plans. Excerpts:


How did you start your musical journey?


I wouldn’t say there was ever a particular discovery time per se. I just remember singing my whole life from as young as when I was a toddler. I started writing my songs when I was 10. At 14, I started learning how to play the guitar and later on started recording in the studio.

Who are some of your musical influences and how do you choose what you cover?

Some of my musical influences will have to be Kamaliza, Philemon Niyomugabo, and Kenya’s Sauti Sol. Internationally; the likes of Queen B, Bruno Mars, the late Whitney Houston, Ruth B, India Arie, I could go on and on. There are so many musicians out here that I am constantly learning from.

I will mostly choose to cover songs or genres that challenge me, something that I find so awesome and not so easy to do. It is almost like I’m giving myself the task of doing my own rendition of those songs.

Are there any challenges since you embarked on your musical journey?

Yes, there are a few. Music is a part-time career for me and so juggling it with my full-time commitments can be quite exhausting, but it is all worth it at the end of the day.

Another thing is quality music is pretty expensive from the production to the promotion and what not, so that takes a toll on me as well. But I am slowly finding my way around the music business.

What kind of genre are you mostly into?

I am mostly into soul and R&B. However, I am also trying not to get too comfortable and explore other genres. Be on the lookout for those.

What inspires your songs?

Real-life experiences. I mainly write about my observations within my environment. My songs are centered around my thoughts, my wishes for myself and other people, my dreams and those of others, and just generally what’s around or within me. I like to voice my mind in my songs.

You sing gakondo and afrobeat genres well. How are you able to link the two?

I am not able to. That’s the truth. Seriously though, I have come to realise sometimes music is not about linking all genres we know together, it can be one at a time so I guess that’s what I’m doing here. Also, I am really trying to stretch my vocal capabilities to be vast enough to fit more genres. It is also a fun way to live through music and I am up for that!

How do you envision your music career?

I hope that at some point in life I will be able to take on music as a full-time career.

Are there any artistes you hope to work with?

Oh yes! I’m currently working on something with Alyn Sano. So be on the lookout for that, and there are many more that I hope to work with as well sometime in the future if and when our visions align.

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