American filmmaker to produce movie on Genocide against Tutsi

Alanna Brown was recently in Rwanda, where she spoke to women survivors to put her movie script into reality. In this picture, the American actress poses with one of the survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Courtesy.

American filmmaker and producer Alanna Brown is working on a new feature movie titled, Trees of Peace, a story about four Rwandan women survivors of 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The film tells of the struggle of four women, who find unity, hope, and strength after they survive the Genocide.

Brown, the director and writer of the movie, was recently in Rwanda, where she talked to women survivors to put her movie script into reality basing on true stories.

“I was inspired to make a film seven years ago when I first heard stories of women and people hiding for 90 days, and the atrocities that were happening. I started to do research and then learned that Rwanda has the highest percentage of women in government in the world. That blew me away. I was inspired. I felt the story, specifically of women survivors, needs to be told.

Alanna is an actress and writer. Courtesy. 

“Speaking to various Genocide survivors, and conducting extensive research over the years has been such an enlightening experience. It’s tremendously heartbreaking, what happened. Speaking with survivors has only reinforced my drive to tell their story. The world needs to know about the strength of these women and how they are so resilient in moving forward, many forgiving the perpetrators who took loved ones, and trying to heal and find peace. It is tremendous inner strength. And it’s a message for the world to hear,” she told The New Times about the inspiration behind the film.

Brown began raising funds for the film two years ago through a crowdfunding campaign, and is currently working with producers who are helping her raise money.

“The experience of raising funds has been long and difficult. It’s hard to get money to make a movie, especially as a first time female director. That’s why it has taken about six years but finding those special producers has taken this long,” she said.

The movie’s budget is between $100,000 and $800,000 and the project will kick off next year in USA and will feature some of Rwanda’s local film actresses.

“I hope to screen at some major film festivals and get the biggest distribution possible, so many people can see the film, and learn about this story,” Brown added.


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