What are we getting from education?

Nursery pupils working on their assignment at Aspire Rwanda Foundation in Gisozi, Kigali

Education is regarded ‘the future’ in this competitive world; not all will agree, however, learning has in fact changed, especially after the rise of technology.

It is as old as time itself. But it’s what we do with that schooling that matters. Many graduates remain jobless today, making some question the whole learning process.


There have been substantial changes in society owing to knowledge acquisition; many untold challenges loiter regarding the increased number of educated but unemployed people. Why is this so?


Way forward


David Baker’s article “The future of a schooled society” cites the problem as ‘mass education in the post-industrial era’.

It is evident that the improved access to education has created pressure on the job market, but we need to appreciate the trends in education as they have created numerous ideas and so it is up to us to explore these options.

Therefore, education should not be looked at as the channel for getting jobs, rather, the avenue through which jobs can be created. It helps nurture people’s ability, attitude as well as other characters and many other relevant values in society.

Learning has also been defined as the process of transmitting culture in terms of continuity and growth and disseminating knowledge to ensure social control or guarantee. That said, education is more than just having a job, it is the behaviour and character acquired while at school that helps an individual map out the future in a positive way.

Therefore, teaching, regardless of the absence of jobs among other challenges, is a necessity because without it, society would be damaged. It plays the ultimate role in shaping the well-being of society.

The writer is a PhD student of Comparative Education and leadership at Beijing Normal University


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