Nyanza, Ruhango students plant 4000 trees

Protecting the environment is a programme the students embarked on. Frederic Byumvuhore.
Members of environment clubs from 12 secondary schools based in Nyanza and Ruhango districts in Southern Province last week convened in the districts’ towns to plant 4000 trees of various species as part of an environmentprotection programme.
The trees were planted under a drive dubbed “Where trees grow, people grow”. The activity brought together teachers who supervise the clubs and other local leaders.
During the clubs’ activities, students protect seedlings from tree nurseries to ensure the availability of seedlings. All activities of the clubs are supported by Association des Ami de la Nature (ANA Rwanda) in partnership with Tree for City Organisation.
According to Donat Kwitonda, the coordinator of Association des Ami de la Nature, engaging students in tree-planting plays a big role in the sustainability of environment protection.
“We train children on how to conserve nature and construct nurseries where seedlings can grow, “he said.
Kwitonda added that when planting the trees they focus on the towns for they are the areas that accommodate a throng of people with activities that pollute the atmosphere.
“We target to plant at least 30,000 trees in both of towns – Nyanza and Ruhango. We shall keep on partnering with schools and communities so that conserving the environment remains a culture for every person. We also encourage community members to ensure that they follow-up and ensure proper protection of the planted trees,”he said.
Senior six student Noel Niyizukuri of Ecole Secondaire de Nyanza said that he is passionate about contributing toenvironment protection, adding that as a member of the environment club, he helps fellow youth in the community to understand the importance of trees and encourages them to beenvironment protection players.
Théoneste Nubuhoro, a teacher at Groupe Scolaire Kavumu Musulman in Ruhango, said that environment conservation in schools helps students recognise the importance of the environment, adding that students are good environment protection agents in their communities.
“Environment clubs in schools encourage young generation and sensitise the community on better protection of the environment. We created environment clubs so that the students know more about their environment and how it can be conserved,”he added.

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