How I learned to be organised

Keeping your uniform clean and dressing well is a sign of being organised. Dennis Agaba.

Being organised has always been difficult for me, in fact my teachers always complained how disorganised my school work is, and it was the same issue at home. I never cared where my books, bags, and other school materials are, and this always made me look messy and immature around my colleagues.

However, to my fellow students who were organised, they  seemed to be reaping big both in their academic and social life. Their grades were excellent, they dressed well, their uniforms were always neat, which was a total opposite on my side. And because of that I decide to learn from them, asked help from teachers and worked on my timetable.

My teacher told me that  in order to be well organised, I have to start from small things like,  ensuring that my school materials such as bag, folders, pens,  and notebooks are arranged before sleeping, and also kept clean and tidy.

My teacher reminded me that the most important part of being organised is time keeping. He told me that a good student must wake up early, take a healthy breakfast, change uniform, shower and brush and most importantly get to school before time.

In class, an organised student pays attention, and avoids anything that would take his or her focus from his lesson. Not forgetting doing homework, class assignments, and revision on time. Eventually with my teacher’s advice, I decided to approach my friends who were organized and they guided me through my journey to being well organised.

Today am happy to say I’m an A+ student, I learned how to work on a timetable and it has made more organized, punctual, and smart.. Fellow children I encourage you to live an organized life, make a timetable for everything you do, and most importantly keep time. In the end you will become an excellent student.

The writer is a 13 year old, primary six pupil.


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