Young entrepreneur’s journey in production of skin care products

Shafi Hagenimana, is a 25-year old entrepreneur is involved in honey processing to produce skin products and other raw materials.

In 2015, with capital of Rwf 250,000, he founded Holy-Trust Ltd which is located in Ngoma District. His Made-In-Rwanda products are increasingly becoming popular and are traded under the brand name KASO.


The company deals with beekeeping, honey processing and produce related products such as body and hair lotion out of honey. The firm also incorporates other raw materials such as coconut, aloe-vera, avocado and carrots among other raw materials.


 He also produces candles and pharmaceuticals. His products range from Rwf 2,500 to Rwf 25,000.


“Our aim is to do what it takes to improve the health and well-being of the people by producing high-quality products. We are looking to position ourselves among the most revered global marketers and distributors of such products and to meet the various needs of the consumer,” he said.

 His passion to start his own firm led him to conduct detailed research and undergo training on skin products made from honey.

“I have achieved a lot from my business but more importantly, I am able to provide solutions to people who have skin problems like rashes. However, I am glad that I have reduced on the rate of unemployment through creating 12 jobs so far,” The entrepreneur said.

 Hagenimana said that he started with about two customers a day in the beginning and now gets about 40 to 50 customers a day. He added that his customer base has been growing over time and often relies social media platforms for publicity.

He however said that the firm faces challenges due to the high demand which has been somewhat hard to satisfy the market. However, he noted that he is working on addressing that.

The entrepreneur has no doubt that the company will increase production and open more branches across the country. Hagenimana noted that the company is focusing on producing sanitary pads and manufacturing papers from fiber.

The skin care products manufacturer said that you cannot excel in any business without hard work, determination and creativity.

He added that entrepreneurs should focus on the customer and seek to entirely understand the market. He added that they should also be ready to start small and grow giving them time to cultivate their strengths, skills. He also emphasized on the importance of having a business plan.

The young entrepreneur also said that entrepreneurs should have the self-discipline to stick to their business plan, respect their budgets.

He further called upon them to have passion in whatever they. When asked about what makes him unique from his competitors, Hagenimana explained that because he produces natural organic products with the best quality, he sells at affordable prices with discounts at times.

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