Rwandan products maintain demand among Chinese consumers

A group of Chinese check out Rwandan roasted coffee during the China International Food & Catering Expo held last month in Changsha city, Hunan Province. Photos by Frederic Byumvuhore.

As opportunities to showcase Rwandan products in the Chinese market through various exhibitions are increasing, the products have continued to draw attention in the Asian market.

Rwandan products that are common here include coffee, chili, tea and handicrafts.


The popularity of the products has been witnessed during various shows such as the recent concluded China International Food & Catering Expo held last month in Changsha city, Hunan Province, and the 2019 Beijing International Horticulture Exhibition.


Since the beginning of the year, Rwandan companies have been invited to participate in various exhibitions as part of the People’s Republic of China’s measures to actively open the Chinese market to the world.


Chinese taste Rwandan roasted coffee during the 2019 China International Food & Catering Expo. 

Recently, the world’s most populous nation and second largest economy marked the 70th anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Ahead of the celebration, the country showcased the progress made in various sectors towards economic growth and cooperation with other countries worldwide for common future.

Chinese economy is shifting towards demand for high quality and featured commodities and service.

Since 2019, Rwanda has been participating in various exhibitions in China such as Guangzhou International Travel Fair which has enabled Rwandan companies to promote tourism products and Made-in-Rwanda products.

Chinese generally like Rwandan handcraft products.

In April, nine Rwandan companies participated in the six months Beijing International Horticulture Exhibition. The event was said to attract 9.34 million visitors. Local products have been showcased and the event was said to be impactful in extending the reach of Rwandan products worldwide.

In June, China continued to host more events to boost economy and trade partnership with African countries.

There was the first China Africa Economic and Trade Expo that held in Hunan province, Changsha. At this occasion, Rwandan entrepreneurs turned up to create connections with their counterparts from China as well as showcasing their products.

Coffee, chili, and tea are among the most common Rwandan product in China.

In September, Rwanda again participated in the China International Food & Catering Expo in Changsha City.

Rwandan green beans and roasted coffee are among products that have generated interest leading Chinese coffee experts, buyers and members of China Coffee Industry Alliance to announce plans of a visit to Rwanda to build networks with Rwandan farmers to increase their exports from Rwanda.

Rwandan specialty coffee beans were selected as the only type of coffee used during the China Barista Team Championship.

A three-day event was organised by the Ministry of Commerce of the People‘s Republic of China. The event is one of China’s largest expos covering the entire food and catering value chain. An exhibitor, Remy Muhirwa from ENAS-The Rwandan based agricultural service company said that the opportunity enabled them to create market for their products and help their businesses to expand.

According to Virgile Rwanyagatare, Chargé d’affaires at the Embassy of Rwanda in China Rwanda has good quality agricultural products to supply to the Chinese market.

A client looks at a pepper from Rwanda. Chinese community like spicy food.

He added that the exhibitions are good platforms to enhance exchanges and good collaboration between communities of various countries.

“All the experts who tasted the Rwandan coffee have found it to be of very high quality. This is exactly what Chinese coffee lovers are looking for; I believe Rwandan coffee will soon be selling well in the Chinese market,” Ms.Jenny Tong, one of the experts said.

Upcoming trade fair

Between November 5 and November 10, China will be hosting the second Chinese International Import Expo. Organised by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, the annual event will be held in Shanghai at National Exhibition and Convention Center.

So far, five Rwandan companies have already registered to participate in the expo. The firms operate in production of coffee, pepper, handcrafts as well as services such as tourism among others.

This year’s expo will be in three phases; which are Hongqiao International Trade Forum, country pavilion for trade and investment and Enterprise and Business Exhibition

Rwanda has been invited to take part in the country pavilion for trade and investment to showcase achievements in trade and investment including trade in goods and services, industries, investment and tourism, and featured products. It is an exclusively exhibitory event without any service for business transactions.

Chinese have shown their love for Rwandan handicrafts.

Launched last year by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Chinese International Import Expo serves as an open cooperation platform for countries and regions across the world to showcase their development achievements and launch international trade, and also an international public product for promoting trade liberalization and economic globalization.  

The first China International Import Expo attracted 172 countries, regions and international organizations and more than 3,600 enterprises.

According to the officials, the 2019 Expo in Shanghai will help Rwanda and China strengthen not only political ties but also cooperation in trade, tourism and investment.

The event is also said to be an opportunity to build the image of the country by showcasing the achievements, culture, tourism, investment and trade opportunities.

It is also believed that accessing the Chinese market will greatly boost the business of Rwandan companies. Rwandan participation could also help speed up ongoing application process for Rwandan fresh products to be eligible for export to China such as beef, chili, and avocadoes among others.

With the participation of delegations from more than 100 other countries, this expo will also be an opportunity for Rwandan products to be promoted to the whole world.

Through Chinese International Import Export, countries will present their national image, promote trade, investment and help their companies opening new markets, further advancing economic globalization and open world economy.

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