Pan Butamire
Pan Butamire
A view of Kigali City
A lean, frugal government that’s democratic to a hilt
 The new Kicukiro flyover that was constructed last year to ease traffic flow at Sonatube roundabout. Rwanda has come a long way from the dusty streets that were prevalent in the 1990s. Photo/Courtesy
Rwanda: A people united will never be defeated
Every year, on April 7, Rwandans and friends of Rwanda across the world, join hands to begin a 100-days commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in which over a million lives perished. Olivier Mugwiza
A society sent into hell that, despite all, rose as compassion personified
A panel discussion during the RPF-Inkotanyi's 16th National Congress at Intare Conference Arena on Sunday , April 2. Photo by Village Urugwiro
Rwanda: the land of debated and consensus-built governance
The African Union (AU) during its annual ordinary meetings from February  27, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Courtesy
African Unity and the race towards the Most Developed Countries
Visitors in Lake Ruhondo in Burera District
The Murera of yesteryears among world’s greatest places to visit? Wonders will never end!
A view of the former Kigali City's taxi park in Nyarugenge. File
A stroll down memory lane
Delegates follow a panel discussion during the opening of the 18th National Dialogue in Kigali on Monday, February 27. Olivier Mugwiza
We in Africa were not put on this earth as objects of pity, abuse
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With vehicle-ownership speed at full throttle, will movement around Kigali not ‘go up for air’?
DR Congo President Felix Tshisekedi
DRC: Rwandans should demand the country’s leadership to snap!
Regional leaders during the third Inter-Congolese dialogue under the EAC-Led Nairobi Process on December 5. Courtesy
Momentary minuscule dots that we are in this universe, why don’t we live in harmony?
Children drink milk during Umuganura .Using Kinyarwanda among parents and children may not be so common and, indeed, it should be encouraged.
I dare posit: Rwanda and Kinyarwanda are alive and well
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A reconnection with the past is good for appreciation of the present
The New Times
Tshisekedi, good neighbourliness is far nobler than war
The New Times
A salute to our traffic police!
The New Times
As somebody said, the past is never dead. It’s not even past
The New Times
If you can be cleanest in Africa, why not the whole world?
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Banging drums of war? DRC, Gods of Africa won’t look kindly upon thee!

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