Shyaka Kanuma
Shyaka Kanuma
President Paul Kagame casts his vote during the presidential and parliamentary elections in Kigali on Monday, July 15. Photo by Olivier Mugwiza
What’s on the president’s plate as he embarks on a new term?
Thousands of RPF supporters turn up for the presidential campaign in Karongi District. Photo by Olivier Mugwiza
Observations on Kagame’s campaign trail
Aerial view of Kigali city ,the capital of Rwanda, after the reconstruction of the country after the liberation of Rwanda. File
The dangers of taking the good things in Rwanda for granted
Aerial view of Kigali City, the capital of Rwanda, after the reconstruction of the country after the liberation of Rwanda. File
The dangers of taking the good things in Rwanda for granted
Thousands of RPF Inkotranyi members welcome presidential candidate President Paul Kagame in Nyamasheke District on Saturday, June 29. Photo by Olivier Mugwiza
Here is why Rwandans throng RPF rallies in droves
The New Times
An election for the ages
Michela Wrong, a British journalist and author who for the past several years has had a vendetta going against the president of Rwanda.
Michela Wrong, journalist gone berserk, stokes her vendetta against Kagame
Samuel Baker Byansi, a prominent actor in Forbidden Stories series.
Why Forbidden Stories’ term “Rwandan journalist” is a gross manipulation
President Paul Kagame greets thousands of Ruhango residents during his Citizen Outreach on August 25, 2022. Photo by Village Urugwiro
Forbidden Stories’ breathtaking mendacity on display in anti-Rwanda smears
Kenya’s President William Ruto meets with his Congolese counterpart Felix Tshisekedi in Kinshasa on Monday, November 21, 2022. Courtesy
Time runs out on Tshisekedi’s most egregious lie
FDLR is encamped right alongside DRC military forces, Wazalendo, mercenaries, Burundians, Mai-Mai among others.  Tshisekedi fuels violence and conflict, fans hate speech against sections of his country’s population, and integrates groups like the genocidal FDLR into his military, to achieve his violent agenda. Internet
Latest New York Times article on Congo inadvertently exposes real culprits in Congolese mess
President Paul Kagame greets residents during the citizen outreach in Kibingo, Ruhango District, on  August 25,  2022. Photo by Village Urugwiro
I am a “Kagamist”? When people conflate truth with propaganda
Voters queueing for casting their votes during the parliamentary elections in 2018. Sam Ngendahimana
Election season is upon us; beware of divisive rhetoric and extremist propaganda
Inside view of  the soon-to-be-completed Amahoro Stadium in Remera in Kigali. Photo by Dan Datsinzi
Rwanda accomplishing big things? The secret lies in the details
Some of the mercenaries fighting alongside FARDC against M23 in the eastern DR Congo.
No, Bloomberg News, the only thing deepening DR Congo conflict is its rulers and their bedfellows
Agathe Habyarimana.
When Habyarimana’s wife and her “akazu” orchestrated genocide
United Nations Peacekeeping Mission to the DR Congo, is departing the country and transferring its base at Kamanyola to Congolese authorities, adds another ignominious page to the UN’s calamitous failures.
UN once again shows its true colors, abandoning civilians in DRC to a genocidal regime
Victoire Ingabire shows her release document to the journalists at Nyarugenge Prison on September 15, 2018. File
Do the political rights of Victoire Ingabire supersede the wellbeing of us all?

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