Donah Mbabazi
Donah Mbabazi
Health workers conduct a cervical cancer vaccination exercise in Nyanza.  Rwanda was committed to eliminating cervical cancer in a short period of time. File
Cervical cancer: An oncologist’s goal to decentralise survivorship care
First Lady Jeannette Kagame officially inaugurated EZA - Urugwiro ECD centre, at Village Urugwiro, on Thursday September 1. Courtesy
First Lady officially launches ECD centre in Village Urugwiro
Pelagie Yaramfashije was given financial support which she used to buy livestock such as goats.
FEATURED: How UNDP is addressing impact of COVID-19 pandemic on lives of vulnerable women
Balthazar Ndagijimana, a former combatant and resident of Gisagara District with his wife and child. All photos: Courtesy.
Ex-FDLR combatants benefit from Covid-19 recovery package
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UNDP works to mainstream gender equality through empowerment of young women
Music and art have the power to decrease anxiety and depression.  Photos/Net
Trauma and healing: Power of music, art
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Rwandans reflect on healing and continued journey to development
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Dutch author on empathy as an invaluable resource for peace-building
When seeking help for mental health, it can be hard to know how to start or where to go. Photo/Net
More effort to tackle second-generation trauma needed - mental health activist
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The menacing ‘calm’ of doomscrolling
For some, following u2018the sparku2019 could blur oneu2019s judgement. Photo/Net
‘The spark’: Should it matter in a relationship?
4-unit apartment for sale in Rebero. His firm offers consultancy services
Realtor on need to motivate real estate developers for affordable housing progress
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Let’s seek help for anxiety or depression like we do for malaria or colds - mental health nurse
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Mistakes companies make when branding their business
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Duties of a compliance officer and why your company needs them
Through history, it is possible to see how fashion changes according to the current social moment.
Decent vs offensive: When does dressing cross the line?
Emotions are part of our daily lives but they shouldnu2019t define us.
Emotions and how to get a grip on them
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How all-female fair strives to give businesswomen a boost

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