Women who kill: When passion takes a deadly course

“At first he was sweet, considerate and kind. Then he started drinking after he lost his job. When I got pregnant with our first kid, things worsened. I tried to leave him but he always came looking for me, demanding that we made vows and that we had to honour them. I tried to give it a try but every time he took alcohol, he just became violent. “One night, he came back drunk, asked for food and then threw it in my face because it wasn’t as hot as he wanted it to be. I got angry. I was fed up. So I fought back. In the scuffle, because he could barely stand, I hit him hard and he hit his head on the coffee table which broke. He bled profusely. I actually took him to the hospital and had I not done that immediately, he could have died.”
The New Times
Doreen Umutesi