Balancing career and parenting: A working mother’s cliffhanger

Thirty two-year-old Claudine leaves her house help to do everything at home, including taking care of Jean-Claude, her 8-months-old son. Because Claudine comes back home very tired, she only spends a few minutes with her son before going to bed. Claudine wakes up at 5am to go to work without seeing her son. This is her daily routine that unfortunately has left her son with a life threatening injury.  While Claudine was busy building her career, things at home weren’t so smooth. Anne had accidentally burnt Jean-Claude but it took Claudine two weeks to realise it. Anne would dress Claude in heavy jackets to hide the wounds and his mother didn’t notice anything until his hand started developing some kind of infection and he got a fever two weeks later.
The New Times
Doreen Umutesi