Georgie Ndirangu: New face on the small screen

Lifestyle’s Collins Mwai looks at the rise of Georgie Ndirangu from humble beginnings to one of the most prominent radio and television news anchors in the country At 8pm every week day, viewers of TELE 10 TV get glued to their screens for the English newscast. Georgie Ndirangu comes on the screen in a shimmering blue suit and, with his crisp voice, tells viewers about the day's major events. He sits composed, aware that his job does not allow second takes or editing – it is live. But despite the accuracy and preciseness required, he does not come off as nervous or uneasy – he has the same composure and physical expressions he has when talking to someone off-air. It is as if he is always practicing.
The New Times
Collins Mwai