Nyanza memorial site – A symbol failures of the international community

The government has announced that the Nyanza Genocide Memorial Site is to be turned into a monument symbolising the international community’s failure to stop the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. This could not have come at a better time. Almost 15 years after the Genocide, some individuals, or rather countries, seem to have forgotten the plight of the Tutsis who were massacred in their thousands on a daily basis for one hundred days while the entire world watched and followed the events from the comfort of their couches – in the media. There arguably could not have been a better example than the recent arrest of Rose Kabuye, a woman who stopped the Genocide, her arrest being sanctioned by the same countries that watched as the blood-thirsty militias massacred innocent victims. Some of these countries, we dare say, even facilitated these killings both directly or indirectly. The memorial site will therefore stand as a monument of ‘shame’, especially against the unrepentant who still do not apologise for the worst human tragedy to ever take place.
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Times Reporter