Moroccan King directs head of govt on training in ‘promising sectors’

King Mohammed VI of Morocco. / Internet photo

King Mohammed VI of Morocco has directed the head of government to put more focus on training for promising sectors of the economy while upgrading training in the so-called traditional jobs, which remain the main providers of jobs for young people.

He made the remarks recently while addressing a working session on upgrading vocational training, diversifying and developing jobs and modernizing pedagogical methods, at the Rabat royal palace, according to a statement issued by the Royal Office.


The meeting was in line with the implementation of the priorities and measures set by the monarch, especially in the speeches made on the Throne Day and Aug. 20, when the King drew attention anew to the issue of youth employment, in relation mainly to the issue of balance between training and employment.


After being briefed about the propositions and measures to be taken by the concerned departments relating to the implementation of the royal instructions, the King directed that more focus should be put on training for promising sectors of industry, services, construction, agriculture, fisheries, water, energy and handicraft, the statement said.


He emphasized the need to further develop vocational training by adopting new standards of quality, notably in the tourism and health sectors.

“The King has given his instructions to develop short-term skills trainings of about four months, integrating language and technical modules for people with experience in the informal sector, with a view to give them the opportunity to gain access to the formal sector and enhance their know-how and abilities,” the statement said.

Closing the meeting, the King directed a committee chaired by the head of government, to elaborate and submit within three weeks a program of specific projects and measures for immediate application which will be financed through Hassan II Fund.


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