Death toll in Sudan's protests rises to 30: official

The death toll in Sudan's protests has risen to 30, a committee on investigating the protests announced Tuesday.

"The number of death cases, according to the latest statistics of the General Prosecution, has reached 30," Amer Mohamed Ibrahim, head of the High Committee in charge of investigating the recent protests in Sudan, told reporters Tuesday.

"The investigation has witnessed a great development, especially after the Attorney General's appeal to citizens to give their testimony in accordance with the principle of witness protection, besides statements of some relatives of a number of victims in Khartoum State," he noted.

He added that instructions have been given not to pursue the citizens inside the houses, unless in cases of individual behaviors against the law, which necessitates dealing with.

Ibrahim further noted agreement and coordination between the prosecutors and the security forces to be present at specific areas on main roads to address the protesters through loudspeakers to voluntarily disperse before dealing with them according to the law.

He said that 50 members of the public and specialized prosecution would be mobilized to be tasked with field coverage during dispersing of illegal gatherings according to the law, and to assist prosecutors in investigation until it is completed as quickly as required.

Since Dec. 19, 2018, various areas in Sudan, including Khartoum, have been witnessing popular protests over the deteriorating economic conditions and price hikes of basic commodities.