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76% of People Think the 2018 FIFA World Cup is the Best Ever – Here's Why

Fans enjoy outside a FIFA stadium in Russia. (Sputnik)

The 2018 FIFA World Cup has so far been an unequivocal success, with everything running to schedule and on the pitch action conjuring up moments of drama, surprise, and sheer brilliance.

Many fans and football fanatics think this has been the best World Cup in the tournament’s history, according to a poll by COPA90, the world’s largest independent football media company.




At the time of writing, the poll had received over 100,000 votes, with 76% of voters agreeing that the 2018 World Cup is the best ever.


In addition to the poll posted on COPA90’s official Snapchat discover story, the football media company also gave a number of reasons explaining why this might be the greatest ever World Cup.

They partly attributed the success of the tournament to some of the amazing goals scored in the past few weeks, with Cristiano Ronaldo’s freekick against Spain in Portugal’s opening game given as an example.

The introduction of video assistant referees (VAR) is another reason, as it has made the tournament fairer, added drama, suspense and controversy from another angle, according to COPA90.

Furthermore, last minute goals and the unpredictable of the matches have made the tournament more enjoyable to watch, for both spectators in the stadiums in Russia and fans watching on their TVs throughout the world.

COPA90 also said the absence of hooliganism has improved spectator experience, allowing them to travel throughout Russia without worrying, adding that this was either achieved by the efforts of Russian law enforcement agencies, or the western media blew the scale of the issue out of proportion.

There’s still plenty of action to go, with another eight knockout games to kick-off over the next ten days, with the quarter finalist battling one another to progress to the semi-finals on Friday and Saturday.

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