Tips and tricks for lipstick lovers

Dos and don'ts every beauty junkie needs to know
Lipstick comes in many shades. Photo: Dellon Thomas/
Lipstick comes in many shades. Photo: Dellon Thomas/

Lipstick is one of those ‘accessories’ that most women can’t do without. It is a fashion tool that is likely to get attention. It might not be easy to find the perfect shade, but it is nothing a few trial-and-errors can’t fix. Here are a few simple tips to follow while applying lipstick.

Don’t apply to dry, chapped lips. Dry lips and lipstick are a mess together, but liquid lipstick on dry lips can be even worse. Wearing matte lipstick is also not advisable when you have dry lips because it makes your lips even drier.


If your lips are chapped, a creamy finish lipstick is ideal since it has oil in the formula. Always prep your lips before you reach out for that liquid lipstick. Make sure you flake off your lips to get them rid of loose skin. This will create a smooth surface for your liquid lipstick to glide upon. Use a lip scrub to keep your lips smooth and soft while doing away with all the extra skin.


Don’t forget to moisturise the lips. While moisturising with a lip balm, keep the lips moist and soft for better makeup application.


After applying lip balm, wait for about three to four minutes before the next step. When your lips absorb the lip balm, wipe out extra product with a sheet. Next, apply lip primer and wait for two minutes before layering your lips with liquid lipstick. Lip primer is designed to be applied to lips before other lip products like liner and lipstick. It provides a base that makes colours go on more evenly and stay in place longer. Alternatively, you can also match your liner to your natural lip tone to soften your lipstick colour and provide a more natural look.

Don’t forget to line your lips. Any kind of lipstick would ‘bleed’ if it is not lined. Lip liners act as primers to boost the colour and longevity of your lipstick.

Don’t apply a thick coat. Applying a thick layer of lipstick isn’t a good idea. It will take the lipstick a very long time to dry, thus creating daubing and bleeding all at the same time.

Apply your lipstick in multiple thin layers. Lipstick is pigmented so more than two coats are rarely required. Always wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. You will definitely get a better finish which will reduce the lipstick drying time as well.

Don’t be rough on the lips while removing the lipstick. Liquid lipstick sticks to the skin strongly and taking it off can be a hassle. This might tempt you to use more energy in scrubbing it off. However, this is not advisable as it might cause sores on your lips.

Use natural oil like coconut, olive or almond oil or softly wipe away the lipstick with an oil-based makeup remover. Olive oil is really light on your lips and gets rid of all the leftover stains you may have. Vaseline also works great to remove all the product completely but also calms your skin when using it. Do it twice or thrice if required but be gentle on your lips. It will also keep your lips soft and flexible.





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