Lipstick; choosing the right colour

Find a lipstick shade that suits your skin tone. /Net photos

Many women can’t do without lipstick; it doesn’t matter if she’s at home, visiting the local grocery store or on a night out. It is — to some — an essential addition that helps enhance one’s look.

However, a good number of women are not crazy about ‘colouring their lips’ but certain occasions may require a touch of makeup. So, do you have a special occasion and are wondering if lipstick would look good on you?

The good news is that any woman can look good with lipstick. However, it is important to choose the right shade for your skin tone.

Claudine Karemera, a makeup artist in Nyarutarama, says for one to look stunning with lipstick, it’s all about confidence, for instance, find a colour that suits you and makes you comfortable.

When using lipstick, she says, one should always start by applying lip gloss or lip balm before applying the lipstick to avoid dryness of the lips.

“Also, after applying, adding lip balm again helps avoid chapped lips. Choosing a concealer that matches with your lip colour is important. This will make the lipstick not sink too deep into your lips,” she adds.

For dry lips, Karemera advises that one should go for moisturising lipstick. On the other hand, for those with thin lips, it’s better to avoid anything to do with dark lipstick, as they make the lips look even smaller.

Sometimes it’s hard to level the lipstick on your lips while applying; the best way, she says, is to use concealer blush, especially on edges.

Using lip liner that goes with the colour of lipstick you have chosen is ideal. 

Before buying the product, she says, check the expiry date because you could end up with an expired product that will cause an allergic reaction or other health complications.

Also, sharing lipstick with unknown people is not advisable as it can lead to the spread of infections. Never apply lipstick on chapped lips, as it can accentuate the cracks and lines.

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