KWEZI AND I: Negotiating the journey back home

Nasra and her Kwezi

After a month and a week away, my parents finally accepted to give me back my Kwezi. I say ‘give me back’ because I surprised both myself and my parents when I let her stay that long. I was tired of leaving my parents’ house looking very miserable every time I picked up Kwezi because it didn’t matter whether she had been with them for a week or two; they are never fully satisfied with how much time they spend with her.

So I decided that I was to ‘close my eyes’ and let her stay for a while longer and when I opened them again, it had been a month. First, they said that they had dewormed her and in the process, she was on a mixture of medication which they were only comfortable to administer. I agreed.

Then I went to pick her again and she had tonsillitis and again, they were more comfortable looking after her till the infection subsided. Then my cousin from Musanze was coming to visit and with her, she was bringing her two daughters and it would be good for the children to bond.

I was amused. The well from which my parents fetch their excuses to spend more and more time never dries.  Last Sunday, I felt enough was enough and this time I didn’t call, I just jumped on the next available taxi-moto and they were happy but surprised to see me. My mum finds it easier to convince me on phone but this time, she had no excuses. In fact, when she saw how Kwezi wrapped herself around me like a towel, she admitted that she had reached a point where she felt that I can come over and take her because she had exhibited all the signs of a child who wanted to see her mother. It was good news. For once, I was taking my daughter home and no one was feeling like I was depriving them of something.

We have been together for three days now and I cannot begin to tell you how happy Kwezi is. I think that she just can’t believe that I am around. I am enjoying the hugs, kisses and cuddles and I could never have wished for anything more. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, my mother called last evening to ask me how Kwezi is doing and if she misses them already. I said not yet. She said, well, we already miss her. I burst out laughing and hang up. Kwezi is a lucky girl. She is truly loved.

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