Knitwear: Cozy and chic

Knitted outfits have been around for ages, what most people do not know, however, is that the trend is not limited to sweaters or scarves.

The options are unlimited, and in this rainy season, warm but stylish clothing is your safest bet.

They range from sweaters and skirts, to dresses, hats and shoes, among other things.

How to pull it off

Erika Thaina, an upcoming local designer in Kigali, who deals in knitted shoes, says one wear a knitted skirt with a formal blouse, or an oversized knitted jumper with jeans and boots.

When it comes to a knitted skirt, Thaina says it is best to pair it with something lighter, as the knitted material is thick. You can opt for a floral or bold print.

Knitted dresses can also be paired with knee-length boots to give one a relaxed but classy look, adding that this is perfect for the cold weather.

“Some knitted dresses are chunky or loose, so for a sophisticated look, try using a slim belt. Finish it off with a handbag or clutch, depending on the occasion,” Thaina says.

For short knitted dresses, Thaina says one can pair them with leggings and finish the look with boots, long or short, depending on their preference.

However, she says that one shouldn’t be limited to boots; flat-soled shoes can also work.

If you are into head wraps or bands, knitted accessories make for a fabulous look.

Depending on the outfit, one can wear a knitted scarf or a hat.


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