Hell hath no fury like a Gypsy King scorned

Turns out the Bronze Bomber is all talk and no punches! Sorry Deontay Wilder Fans but I have to say I’m happy for the new WBC Heavyweight Champion, Tyson Fury.

The sweetest victories are those no one sees coming. When everybody writes you off and then you pull all the punches, pun intended!


But back to Wilder, can you imagine the “noise” we’d be dealing with if he’d won? God knows what he’d be declaring himself to be as of today!


Not trying to kick a man who’s clearly down and I know that hype and trash-talking is part of the sport and have been since the late great Muhammad Ali’s era but still, I think Wilder is so in your face, much like Floyd Mayweather, except that Floyd lives up to the hype.


Wilder crossed the line when he went after Fury’s mental health, something that shouldn’t be joked about in my opinion.

There’s no doubt Fury’s feelings were hurt and who knows how inspiring that was for his victory! A picture really is worth a thousand words and when all was said and done, it was the over two metres tall Fury standing on his feet staring menacingly down at a ‘bewildered” Deontay literally sitting in his corner, hapless, helpless, outboxed, outclassed and out of ideas!

Kendrick Lamar’s words never rang truer! “Be humble, sit down...” If only he had spent as much time prepping for the fight as he did talking, he wouldn’t be blaming the defeat on his pre-match costume! Yes, he’s been reduced to that! If I sound like a boxing enthusiast, I’m really not.

In fact, I’ve never watched an entire match, not even those involving some of my favourite personalities including the hard-not-to-like Anthony Joshua and Manny Pacquiao, who won me over with his humility and love for God.

That said, I flinch through any clips I happen to watch, even staged ones in the movies and the second I spot blood, fake or otherwise, I’m done.

Would I ever pay to attend a live match, absolutely not? I think the sport is dangerous and I don’t understand why anyone would sign up to get punched or knocked out.

Winners and losers have to deal with bruises, broken jaws and noses, brain haemorrhages, concussions and they risk death every time they step in the ring.

Someone’s ear was infamously bitten off some years ago but he continued to fight! Guess the money is too good to turn down, especially now when just one fight can make you a millionaire overnight.

No pain no gain, right? Already, Wilder and Fury are talking ‘Round Three’ and I guarantee you the arena will be packed for their rematch, which is totally unnecessary as this last bout couldn’t have been more decisive, but hey, make your money while you can I guess.

Word of advice to Wilder; let your fists do the talking then!


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