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"You'll Never Win Again," they said

Liverpool were crowned as England champions on Wednesday after a thrilling 5-3 victory over Chelsea, ending a 30-year long drought since their last English topflight league silverware in 1990. Net photo

In case anyone needs reminding, Liverpool are the reigning Premier League Champions. I'll leave it to the pundits to continue pointing out all the things that were or weren't in existence when the club last won the coveted title 30 years ago.

All the more poignant that The Reds not just in Rwanda but across the world were robbed of a chance to celebrate their monumental win properly, given that victory parties and parades are out of the question due to continuing efforts to further curb the spread of the very Coronavirus that had put their title winning hopes in doubt only months before.


But, your average Liverpool fan is easy going anyway or to put it another way, not pompous or overzealous compared to fans of rival clubs so I doubt we would have seen that many wild celebrations even in ‘normal’ times.


For now, fans can relish the fact that they'll no longer be the brunt of all those loserpool and loserfool jokes and as their Trophy Cabinet starts to fill up again, Liverpool will be hoping to retain it next season. If they play like they have the last couple of seasons, they well might. So they didn't finish this season as strongly as they'd hoped but 96 points is still impressive and let's not forget that they were confirmed champions with a 23-point lead and seven games to spare.


They could've gone unbeaten the entire season and critics would still have had something to say. A while back, Manager Jurgen Klopp mentioned that anything is possible if his team stays humble. I don't think he needs to worry about that though as this has to be the most grounded group of players to ever lift the trophy.

Many big names in the squad and hardly any egos to check right from the Manager himself who famously asked to be referred to as the Normal One to captain Jordan Henderson who leads by example to Sadio Mané who is so modest he won't throw his phone away just because it's cracked. In his own words, "I prefer that my people receive a little of what life has given me."

All this squad has been talking about is what it means for the city and the fans even though they earned bragging rights frankly over the last three seasons or so and I think people forget that this is pretty much the same team which reached back-to-back champions league finals in 2018 and 2019.

They lost the first thanks in part to Sergio Ramos' devious machinations on Mohamed Salah's shoulder that even Liverpool detractors agree was a game changer because had Salah who had been in such superb form and had enjoyed a record breaking season up until that point played, the outcome could've been very different. I don't think fans of the Pharaohs have forgiven Ramos either because while Salah did go to the World Cup, he wasn't fully fit and Egypt never made it out of the group stage.

Liverpool went on to win their sixth champions league trophy a year later in 2019 and who knows how far they would have gone this season if Covid-19 hadn't interrupted their gameplan? No offence to Atlético Madrid fans but there really was something odd about the defending champions' last 16 exit right before football was suspended.

So what next for Liverpool? Hopefully more of the same. They really are a joy to watch even for neutrals and any budding Rwandan hopefuls dreaming of a move to Europe will no doubt be eyeing the champions and mulling the prospect of playing alongside such exemplary role models in big brothers Mané, Salah, Divock Origi, Naby Keïta and co.

All this to say that after this pandemic disruption dies down, Liverpool should send some scouts down here to boost their squad. Just because the team won't be losing several of its current stars to Afcon mid-season following the tournament's postponement to 2022 doesn't mean there won't be injuries to deal with. Just saying!

To the Liverpool fraternity, ignore the haters and just enjoy this moment because if anyone deserves it, you certainly do. Long may the dominance continue. 

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