World Cup Cricket Trophy enthralls fans at Gahanga stadium

The national women cricket team took pose for a group photo with the ICC World cricket cup trophy yesterday. Courtesy.

Yesterday, Rwanda cricket fans not only accorded a warm welcome to the glittering ICC World Cup Cricket Trophy at Gahanga stadium, with many taking turns to take photos with the iconic trophy.

Among them was Gisele Ishimwe, the captain of the Under-18 girl national team, who said it was a dream come true and hinted at trying everything possible to get a chance of playing in the ICC world cup.

“As a cricket player, this is a dream come true, to see it with my open eyes. I am so happy, this is an opportunity of a lifetime that will always encourage and inspire me to one day compete at the female cricket world tournament.”

Festus Bizimana, the Vice President of the National Olympic and Sports Committee said the trophy’s coming to Rwanda is not only good for the country but also shows the strides that the game has made in the country.

The second day of trophy tour started with the public photo shoot and viewing at the Kigali Convention Center before Rwanda Cricket Association officials, fans and ICC guests headed to the Hero’s War Museum where they were enlightened about the history of Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

The ICC World Cup Trophy will also be at the RCA dinner Awards today at Ubumwe Hotel.