Volleyball: Quartet book playoffs spots


Gisagara 3-1 APR

APR 3-0 Kirehe

Kirehe 1-3 Gisagara


IPRC-South 0-3 REG


UNIK 3-2 IPRC South

TOP four teams, including University of Tourism Technology and Business Studies (UTB), Rwanda Energy Group Volleyball club and former champions APR, have qualified for the playoffs of the National Volleyball League.

Rwanda Volleyball Federation (FRVB) is planning to kickstart the playoffs over the weekend which will have four rounds with all teams set to play each other.

Rwanda Energy Group volleyball club booked their place after winning over University of Kibungo (UNIK) and IPRC-South.

Gisagara finished the two rounds with 38 points, followed by UTB with 37, while REG are on third place with 36 points. Former champions APR finished fourth with 31 points.

REG coach Jean-Paul Mana said said that after qualifying for the playoffs, his team will focus on winning the playoffs, which will determine the win of the national league.

“It’s not easy to collect points in playoffs but we will try our best. My players have shown great commitment, and we believe we can do better,” he said.

Before the playoffs, REG will play its game against Gisagara on Tuesday at Gisagara Gymnasium.

Kirehe finished in fifth place (20 points), UNIK are on sixth with 16 points, IPRC-East follow with 14 points, IPRC-South are eighth with 4 points, while Kigali Volleyball finished bottom with 4 points.




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