Rwanda achieved its target at CAVB Beach Cup – Bitok

Rwanda national volleyball team head coach Paul Bitok. Sam Ngendahimana.

Rwanda national volleyball head coach Paul Bitok says he is leaving Nigeria a happy man after leading both Rwandan men and women teams to the 2019 World Beach Championships in Germany.

Bitok was speaking after the 2019 Africa Beach Volleyball Cup Seniors in Abuja, Nigeria.

“I thank my players for fighting throughout this competition. It is unfortunate that we did not manage to win gold but we won silver medals.”

“In the previous Africa championships we finished in fifth and now we have finished second, and will work harder to finish top in the next edition,” he said.

He added: “My players fought hard and came out victorious in the women’s third-place match against Nigeria, I am happy we were able to achieve our goal, we secured a place in the World Cup championships.”

“We will go back home and prepare for the World Cup in June, I have asked the Rwanda Volleyball Federation to give us the opportunity to hold camp in Europe which they agreed to.”

Rwanda’s women volleyball team on Saturday defeated their counterparts from Nigeria 2-0 in a third-place match, while Morocco men beat Rwanda 2-0 in final to lift the trophy in the men’s category of the African Beach Volleyball Cup in Abuja.