Over 600 youngsters set for talent detection programme

Some of the youngsters during Wednesday’s training. A total of 240 boys and girls are aspiring footballers. Courtesy.

Rwanda School Sports Federation (RSSF), in partnership with the Ministry of Education, has announced the establishment of a comprehensive talent detection process in four sporting disciplines.

The five-day programme, which brought together a total of 696 youngsters from across the country, got underway on Wednesday and will be concluding on Sunday in Huye District.

The disciplines include; football, handball, volleyball and basketball.

According to a statement released by RSSF Secretariat on Wednesday, the federation is working with technical teams from Rwanda Football Association (Ferwafa) and their basketball (Ferwaba), volleyball (FRVB) and handball (Ferwahand) counterparts in making sure that the young athletes – of 12-13 years of age – are equipped with the right skills.

“The exceptionally-talented kids will be selected so they can be enrolled to training centres for close monitoring and follow-up purposes. We are creating champions and future superstars in the sports industry,” said Emile Ruberwa, the RSSF head of communications.

Of the 696 primary school leavers in the training camp, football has the biggest representation with 240 players, and is followed by handball with 168 young athletes.

Volleyball and basketball have an equal number of 144 each.




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