Over 100 children attend ambassadors football competition

Participants of the programme pose for a group photo at Dove Hotel in Gisozi yesterday. Frederic Byumvuhore.

A total of 150 children from all districts of the country are convening in Kigali at Jeunesse Pour Christ, the center located in Kibagabaga for three day football ambassadors competition.

Organised by the Pentecostal Church in Rwanda (ADEPR), football ambassadors programme aims at teaching children the word of God through sports.

The children are classified in 11 teams including 6 female and 5 male teams. The competition is held under the theme, “play for peace.”

At the camp, the teams hold competition in the search for the outstanding teams to win a trophy in the finals, which will take place at IPRC Kigali stadium on Wednesday.

According Paul Seneza, country coordinator of the programme, said that sports have become effective channels to spread the gospel.

He said they had chosen the theme in line with International Peace Day to take place in September.

“Children could be good ambassadors of peace. When you instill good character and values in children at young age they grow with them. During the three day program, the children will be learning skills development in football and the word of God,”Seneza said.

He added that in addition to teaching godly and cultural values to students, it is also possible that some can grow to engage into professional football at club level and the national team.

Ephrem Karuranga, Legal representative of ADEPR, said that ambassadors football programme has transformed over 100 children who are former addicts to drugs and school dropouts.

“Recently, youth face many challenges and we should not wait for transforming them once they are engaged but we have to prepare them earlier and grow with positive attitudes,” Karunga said.

He added that such holiday programmes keep children busy and protect them from being attempted by treachery.




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