Minispoc commends Lions Karate Club's self-reliance effort

Kigali-based Lions Karate-Do School on Sunday got a thumbs up from John Ntigengwa, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for Sports and Culture (MINISPOC), for striving towards self-reliance and not waiting for handouts from government.

Ntigengwa visited the club’s training venue at Amahoro National Stadium and was impressed on seeing members using their newly acquired Karate equipment. Club members raised funds to buy a karate tatami [mats] and punching bags worth more than Rwf2.1 million and intend to carry on that way in the future to have a better equipped club.

“This is remarkable since we still face the problem of insufficient sport equipment. I congratulate you all as you managed to put efforts together and buy a tatami as one of the important equipment in the Karate sport,” Ntigengwa told the club.

He said he hopes other Karate clubs in country could take the cue and endeavor to be self-reliant.

“The Ministry will remain supportive to all federations that are legally registered especially when it comes to planning for tax fees when they have to procure much needed equipment from abroad.”

The Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) does not exempt sport equipment from tax. The PS noted that when properly informed the ministry can always chip in and use its budget to lessen the tax burden.

Doctor Sabin Nsanzimana, president of Lions Karate-Do School, said: “Karaté is all about commitment to achieve what seems impossible; innovation, perseverance and discipline must always guide us to achieve our goals.

“I am proud of Lions Karate-Do School as we work to show the way; being the first Karate school to acquire this training equipment with our own resources.”