Japanese master Mori conducts second seminar in Rwanda

In 2015, Japanese master Toshihiro Mori held a three-day training seminar in Kigali, which was his maiden visit to Rwanda. File photo.

Participationby Rwandans at the ongoing five-day seminar conducted by Toshihiro Mori, a renowned Japanese master of Shotokan karate, is high.

Since Thursday the gymnasium at Lycee de Kigali secondary school in Kigali is packed with Karatekas eager to learn a trick or two from the Japanese expert.

Mori (8th dan), a highly rated Japanese karate instructor, is presiding over his second training workshop in Kigali following his inaugural session back in 2015.

During his first visit, in June 2015, Rwanda became a member of the Japan Karate Association (JKA), one of the most influential and oldest karate organizations in the world.

The JKA specializes in Shotokan Karate style.

“Right from the start on Thursday the training is going on very well. Many people have registered for the seminar. Today, Sunday there will be grading and the last session will be conducted Monday evening. All in all, this second JKA seminar is a success,” said Guy Rurangayire, a chief instructor of JKA Rwanda.

Earlier this month, Theogene Uwayo, president of the Rwanda Karate Federation (FERWAKA), told this paper that it will be “an exceptional honor for Rwanda karate to have him here again.”

During the ongoing seminar, Mori is accompanied and assisted by Kamino Masaru (7th dan) and Dr. Harano Kazuyoshi (4th dan). Another member of his visiting party in 2015, Kasijiima Keiichi (seventh Dan), the former JKA representative in Luxembourg and Belgium, passed on a year after his first Rwanda visit.

Back in 2015, besides seeing several Karatekas promoted, Mori also awarded the late John Sayinzoga [RIP] his sixth Dan, Rwanda’s highest so far. It was an honorary award, Toshihiro said, was for Sayinzoga’s assistance and promotion of the martial arts sport in Rwanda.

Toshihiro is a Japanese master of the Shotokan style of karate, who has previously won the JKA’s version of the world championships for kumite (fighting) as well as the JKA All-Japan championships for kumite on two occasions, among his numerous accomplishments.



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