Basketball playoffs: Patriots players urged to stay focused

Henry Mwinuka, the head coach of Patriots Basketball Club. / File

Henry Mwinuka, the head coach of Patriots basketball club, has urged his players to remain focused as they prepare for Game 2 of the playoffs finals.

The defending champions beat Rwanda Energy Group 67-58 in Game 1 on August 9 to take a 1-0 advantage ahead of the second game, which is scheduled for August 30.

In an interview with this publication, Tanzania-born Mwinuka said, “We won Game 1, but I was not satisfied with how we played. We can do better.”

Patriots look to win their third championship in four years, and they're second in a row.

“It is going to be tough. We have to step up and take every game seriously if we are to retain the title. And, that requires players to stay focused and put in a lot of work during training.”