Parents should never condone indiscipline

There is a story that appeared in The New Times about a teacher at Lycée de Kigali who was remanded for assaulting a student of the same school.

There is a story that appeared in The New Times about a teacher at Lycée de Kigali who was remanded for assaulting a student of the same school.

Davis Wamoni, a Ugandan national spent a week at Muhima police post for allegedly beating up a senior five student.

At first glance one may be quick to point a finger at the teacher for demeaning himself to the level of a fight with someone he is employed to teach.

But considering the fact the fact that fellow students and school staff were backing their teacher could imply that indeed the problem was with the student.

The boy’s history does not seem to also be in his favour especially after having been expelled from two other schools for his indiscipline.

As the story developed, the students wrote a letter of petition to the minister of state for primary and Secondary Education, Théoneste Mutsindashyaka over the matter.

According to the letter, the students requested to help secure the release of their teacher. As of now the teacher is out on bail.

Since the case is still before the courts of law, I will leave it at that. However I wish to point out that similar cases are quite common in the school settings.

Ill mannered children will often wish that tables are turned on the teachers trying to enforce discipline. The parents are usually hoodwinked into thinking it was indeed the fault of the teacher and that their son/daughter is an angel who could not hurt a fly.

Within no time, the parent will dash to the school; demand to see the authorities of the school and start asking them whether they know who he/she is and whether they know the consequences of their actions.

Then a law suit against the poor teacher and sometimes the school will probably follow. 

During the whole fracas the student is considered innocent and simply a victim of a hate campaign or something close to that.

I know sometimes it is indeed the fault of the teacher but still it is always important for the case to be studied extensively with absolute objectivity.

I remember a year ago when teachers in Kigali city met with the president at Amahoro stadium, he clearly stressed that a parent who condones the indiscipline of his/her child is the bigger problem.

He added that schools have a responsibility to inculcate discipline in the children and they should not be deterred by parents who have failed to discipline their children. 

Once a child is taken to a school, he/she is not above the school rules and regulations. This means that one is expected to adhere to the norms of that school.

Crossing the line will definitely warrant condemnation at the very least, or a punishment at the most. Some parents give their children mobile phones yet these are not allowed in the school.

Once a child is expelled for having one, you are likely to see the parent trying to illogically defend the child.
Parents ought to pay very strict attention to the discipline of their children.

Charity is said to start at home and the same applies to discipline. That is why when a child fails to live up to the disciplinary standards of the school, he or she is sent back home.

Parents are supposed to be partners and not adversaries in the struggle to engender discipline in the children who will certainly be the leaders of tomorrow.

More importantly, it is no secret that without discipline a child is bound to be a failure in life at many levels.

Discipline is very important in life. All the successful people in life have got discipline written allover their lives. I therefore urge the parents to not only look at the academic performance of their children but take time to look into their discipline as well as lack of it will certainly impede everything else. 


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