The Forbidden Question: God Postpones my Death

They loaded two of them and fixed them on the gun and they put the others in the safari bag. ‘Hyenas’ was word they used for soldiers.

They loaded two of them and fixed them on the gun and they put the others in the safari bag. ‘Hyenas’ was word they used for soldiers.

They also removed the number plate from the camel. When they entered Base town along the Kigali-Ruhengeri highway, some local defence men tried to stop them.

Instantly, Gahima opened fire at them and they continued on their way. They arrived in Kibuye at two o’clock in the afternoon. They were too hungry and tired.

They entered Guest House Kibuye Hotel, ate and drunk as if there was no tomorrow. The security in this place was very heavy so, robbery and all sorts of illegal activities were not tolerated by the local community.

They killed four thieves infront of the residents. When Rutaremara realised they could not make a living by stealing he thought of buying an omnibus with the money they stole from a white man in the Guest House.

Gahima was to become the taxi conductor and his friend the driver. They did well with the taxi business. They bought a four storeyed house after one year in the business.

They had a house with the very items they needed to live a comfortable life. After buying the commercial building in the centre of the city both of them started thinking of marriage.

Two days after buying the building, Rutaremara fell sick and the two stayed at home that day. In the afternoon Gahima tried to drive the taxi using his one hand. He never informed his housemate about it.

Being a market day, he got passengers who were travelling to Goma. After driving for about twenty kilometres the taxi hit a pavement and went up one hundred metres high.

It came back and fell on the roof of a building that housed a branch of Bank Populaire. It finally caught fire and completely burnt down. Gahima cannot till today tell how he survived this accident.

He only lost his thumb. All the passengers become ash. The long flames and the loud explosion attracted hundreds of local people to the horrific scene.

Ten minutes after the accident had happened, the building collapsed. It killed most of bank’s customers and its workers.

Gahima instantly ran into the wreckages using an opening, which nobody had seen and stole money that was fastened together in bundles of Frw125, 000.

Though the hand was bleeding terribly he was not bothered. He packed as many bundles as possible in an old sack.

As the poor and law abiding citizens were hauling the bodies of victims out of the unfortunate building Gahima was making a fortune out of the situation.

He hired a special hire to the Democratic Republic of Congo/Rwanda border. Just before they reached the border Gahima ordered the driver to stop.

He got off and the taxi man went his own way. With all that money he became very nervous. He decided to spend a night in the forest.

Over the night, he thought of very many plans. He planned to buy the most expensive car as soon as he entered Congo.

Then, marry the most beautiful woman ever on earth. Buy an aeroplane and a limousine or hummer. He also thought of Rutaremara and the storeyed building they had bought jointly.

At five o’clock in the morning he had some footsteps. On impulse, he hid the sack. In a second, he saw four gigantic men standing a few metres.

Then, they started marching walking towards him. Their appearance was strange and fierce. When they realised that he had seen them, they roared in a chorus. He started running.