Students’ indiscipline, a collective responsibility

Now that the new school term has begun, some students as usual are to begin on the very first day while others continue to loiter around town indecently dressed.

Now that the new school term has begun, some students as usual are to begin on the very first day while others continue to loiter around town indecently dressed.

It is a rather an alarming situation, but whose responsibility is it to make sure that these students are in the right place at the right time?

It has always been taken for granted that teachers have the responsible of disciplining students since they spend more time with them as compared to the parents.

But, the teachers deny responsibility and push it back to parents with a claim that ‘charity begins at home’.

It is because of these divergent perceptions over whose is responsible for students’ discipline that the writer decided to have a random selection of parents and find out what they think.

Jean Claude Mugisha, a resident of Kimironko and a father of four believes that this should be a collective effort of both the parents and the teachers in school.

He however, says that though the school should have the upper hand in the emphasis of the disciplinary measures, teachers do not implement the school rules and regulations. He adds.

Mugisha therefore suggests that schools should revise and stress their rules and regulations as far as discipline is concerned.

“We should pay extra attention on the up-bringing of our children for their bright future is our pride,” he urged parents.

However, according to John Bazizane and his wife Linda Umutoni from Kicukiro, they attribute the cause of the students’ indiscipline to parents who hardly spend quality time with their children.

“If our children are not handled well at home, the school can not do much,” Said Bazizane.

He therefore urges all parents to take the responsibility and monitor their children’s conduct even if it means making a follow up at school.

Bazizane also called upon schools to emphasize discipline in and out of the school area of operation especially while in school uniform and during school hours.

Pierre Nkurunvune, 24, and a Kyambogo university student in Uganda said that causes of students’ indiscipline should be a school’s blame.

“Schools are not strict on their students yet it is their responsibility to educate and emphasize what is good for the students’ future.”

And that it could be the sole cause of examination malpractice reported in schools, since students don’t concentrate yet want to pass.

“Having studied in Rwanda, am not happy with the way schools here handle students. There are no strict measures taken to punish those who are indiscipline,” he continued.

Nkurunvune further stressed that had it not to be the iron hand of his parents, he would not be where he is now but rather fall culprit to the alarming indiscipline.

And as such, he highlighted that importance of parents in the fight against students’ indiscipline that can ruin their future.

He however, suggests that the ministry of education should intervene and emphasis strict and proper rules and regulations concerning the conducts of students in schools.
In his suggestion, he proposed that students found in school uniforms during class hours should be punished alongside the school.

Nkurunvune further proposes that schools too should emphasis strict rules and regulations against indiscipline for it will build their school image.

They have the powers to call parents at school and discuss the child’s conduct vise vie performances.

“A disciplined student is bound to academic excellence,” he concluded.

Owing from all the above thoughts, it is paramount to note that discipline is vital in all aspects of a purposeful life. Therefore, its neglect is harmful to the students’ or children’s’ future.

It is always said and believed with out doubt that, these (students) are the leaders of tomorrow. And truly, a disciplined and successful child is pride to any parent, not forgetting the teachers who provide ‘the knowledge for success’ as some schools’ mottoes read.

Therefore, it should be dominant to note that belief and divisions over who is much responsible for the disciplining are ill.

It is rather significant and healthy for both the parents and teachers at school to take the initiative and embrace discipline in students.




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