Examinations are for the prepared

It is largely believed that everything in life is determined by fate or call it luck. It is further argued that we cannot control this luck. We are simply helpless victims of our fate.

It is largely believed that everything in life is determined by fate or call it luck. It is further argued that we cannot control this luck. We are simply helpless victims of our fate.

However, mankind is not a species made for defeat. He has transformed his environment created many new things almost more than his own creator. How then can he not be able to at least harness this thing called luck/chance or fate?

The national examinations for secondary school students (S.3 and S.6) kicked off this week (today). These students have for years been waiting for these exams. It can thus be quite sad if at all they are banking on luck to solely lead them to success.

The time they have spent preparing for these examinations is evidence that indeed fate can be harnessed. One wise fellow summed it up simply as, “Chance favours the prepared”.

In other words the best way to be on the right side of fate is to effectively prepare for any task ahead and then wait to see what else is in store for you.

Not being prepared results into missed opportunities. If one has a long trip it is always wise to pack your bags early enough so as not to be delayed on the day of the trip.

A delay on that day may mean being left by the bus or plane and forfeiture of your bus or air fare as well as a distortion of many other programmes.

Talk of missed opportunities reminds me of my primary school teacher who loved reminding us that those who miss out on chances and regret later are fools.

Though he is dead now, I still remember him telling us that, “Had I known…is the consolation of a fool.”

The students who are currently writing their final exams are certainly aiming for success. Some have even received success cards from friends and relatives. Parents have paid school fees and teachers have taught.

The remaining question is whether the students did enough preparations to take on the exams with the necessary confidence and knowledge?

Preparing for exams happens at several stages. The initial stages are the most crucial and these include prompt attendance of lessons and doing your homework or exercises.

Fast forward to this moment, a students’ preparation should include ensuring that he/she has all the necessary scholastic materials that may come in handy while in the examination room.

A student should have at least two pens that he/she is sure are working. A pencil that is sharpened, a ruler and an eraser (rubber) are also a must.

To cut the trouble one should have a mathematical set because it supposed to have all these instruments. Another thing students should not forget is a functioning calculator for the mathematical problems.

In case it is borrowed then it is always wise to ask the owner for some tips on how it works. It can be very frustrating if you enter an examination room and you realise that you do not know how to turn on/off the second function of a scientific calculator.

This being a rainy season means that students who commute from home to school ought to have an umbrella as a precaution. You do not want to miss an exam because of the weather conditions.

More so, students need to make an effort to keep time during this examination period. Examinations are done under strict time rules. Be at the examination room on time an even when writing your exams try to adhere to the tie restrictions.

Each paper is supposed to be done within a certain period of time so please comply. A student should always appear for the examinations in proper school uniform because a school uniform is a principle form identification of a student (with the exception of private candidates).

Related to uniform, a student should make an effort to continue abiding by the school rules and regulations and even attending all other school programs during this time. You need not soil your disciplinary record by misbehaving at the end of the year.

Lastly, students as well as their teachers should avoid indulging in any form of examination malpractices as this may lead to cancellation of the whole schools’ results and even jail time for the accomplices.

Do not enter the examination room with any forbidden items such as mobile phones. Just like scouts my closing message is to all students is “be prepared”. Be firm, confident and believe in your self. Read but remember to have enough rest as well.




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