How to deal with a flirty Boyfriend

There are two types of men who flirt excessively with women other than the one they’re with at the moment.

There are two types of men who flirt excessively with women other than the one they’re with at the moment.

The first guy is just naturally friendly and doesn’t realize he’s flirting. This man may have spent a long time on the dating scene before he met you, which makes it hard for him to turn off that side of his brain. The other type of man is a dog or a player, who wants to find his next conquest regardless of anyone he’s currently with at the moment.

When we say the words flirty boyfriend, we mean a boy who flirts quite frequently. He flirts with your friends, is too nice to the waitress or bartender and may even spend too much time complimenting your mom, aunt, sister and other female family members. No matter why he flirts, you need to figure out how to cope with and handle the situation.

The first thing you need to do is ignore all the bunk about men flirting because they’re insecure. Men don’t flirt because they’re insecure anymore than women flirt because their heel broke on the way into the bar. A man who feels insecure is more likely to act moody and sit alone than flirt with random strangers. The only reason he may flirt when he feels insecure is if he sees you flirting with someone and thinks you’re not serious about the relationship.

The best way to cope with a flirty boyfriend is to give him a taste of his own medicine. This old school tactic has worked for many women over the years. Let him see exactly what you see on a daily basis. Flirt with the cashier when the two of you are buying groceries, the man who asks for directions and the waiter at the restaurant. When your boyfriend notices your behavior, and he will notice it, use that as your opening.

You need to let him know exactly how you feel about the situation and how it feels for you to watch him flirting with other women. When he sees you acting the way he does, it will help him understand the situation better. It may even force him to stop and think the next time he’s about to turn on the charm with a complete stranger.

You also need to realize that flirting is a part of human nature. If your boyfriend is serious about you and your relationship, a little bit of harmless flirting isn’t going to change that. If he’s a player and flirting, then prepare yourself to be dumped. That’s really all you can do when it comes to that flirty boyfriend.




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