Are you ready for a Tablet?

Am sure you already know what a tablet is. For the uninitiated, a tablet is a highly portable hand-held computer. You know the ipad, that’s an example of a tablet.
ipad 2 tablet
ipad 2 tablet

Am sure you already know what a tablet is. For the uninitiated, a tablet is a highly portable hand-held computer. You know the ipad, that’s an example of a tablet.

So why would you want a tablet? You probably already have a notebook/net book and desktop computer at work or at home. Why the heck would you need another device?

Well, to be honest a tablet is an “in –between” device, half way between a fully-fledged computer and a smart phone. The current breed of smart phones (such as the iphone, Sony Ericsson Experia, HTC HD7, Blackberry bold ) are capable of delivering high speed internet and an impressive multimedia experience, all in a handy, pocket able size.

However, by the nature and size of a tablet, the internet and multimedia experiences are taken a notch higher. With screens sizes ranging from 7 inches to 9 inches, tablets can deliver full page web surfing, ebook/ magazine reading, photo browsing, and gaming.

Tablets clearly have an advantage over smart phones.

So, how can you really benefit from a tablet?
- Surfing the internet (via 3g or wifi)
- Voice/SMS . Some tablets e.g the Samsung galaxy tab and Huawei Ideos 7 have voice and sms capability and so can be used to make calls.
- E-book reading
- Entertainment (Watching videos, listening to music)
In my view, the real selling point of tablets would be:

- Instant on/off
Unlike a computer, which needs time to load the operating system, a tablet takes a few seconds to turn on and off. It can be really handle having one on your bedside table for quick emails, facebook updates, twitter e.t.c

- Portability
Most of the tablets on the market weigh about half a kilo making them portable.

- Long battery life
A good example of how long a battery can last is the new ipad which is rated at 10 hours. Do I even need to explain how convenient this battery life can be?

- Tons of Applications
With access to app stores, tablet users have a big choice of both paid and free applications to choose from. Some of the apps as they are commonly referred to, are really stupid. Take an example of the i-fart app, which plays all kinds of farting sounds. You wouldn’t want you boss to catch you listening to farting sounds.

- Tethering
Basically a capable phone can share the internet with a tablet, meaning that you would not need a separate dongle or wifi to access the internet on your tablet. This function is available on mainly high-end phones such as blackberry, iphone, some Nokias e.t.c

How about the downside of owning a tablet?
- No full operating system for running desktop programs e.g Photoshop
- Honestly, a tablet is no substitute for a desktop or notebook. Tablets just don’t have the power or screen size to replace traditional computers.
- Expensive. Compared to notebooks and netbooks, tablets are way too expensive. An example is the recently launched Motorola Xoom which is retailing for $700. This money can buy 2 netbooks.

After all is said and done, a tablet is a cool device to own. It will wow your friends and will give you hours of entertainment, connectivity, and above all, convenience.
So are you ready for a tablet?
(IT Consultant and Technology Blogger , Kampala – Uganda  )