Relationships: Jump start your love life in 2012

New Year resolutions can be a tricky sort but it is imperative to make them anyway and work around achieving at least one of them.

New Year resolutions can be a tricky sort but it is imperative to make them anyway and work around achieving at least one of them.

When it comes to dating, women who still find themselves single year in year out should not give up hope thinking it isn’t in the cards for them.

First of all, you need to put yourself in the dating position. In other words, make yourself date-able. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish with a makeover and a wonder bra! Seriously, appearances are everything and they should be till he is in the tight grasp of your hand. Even then, never let yourself go to the point of near un-recognition.

Women tend to wave off some things as small and probably unnoticeable. But trust me; chipped nail polish at a cocktail party is just wrong. A head that sees the salon twice a year is a no go area unless you are bald! Natural beauty is not for all of us so if your face needs foundation and some mascara then by all means slap it on.

Exes gain that title for a reason. Keep them exactly where they belong – in the past. There is no use doting on the past when we should be focusing on the future. So many times, opportunities pass us by because we are too busy wailing outside the shut door to notice an open window! Move on- if it was meant to be it will be but don’t lie around wasting time. Whatever you do, always keep moving forward. Carrying old wounds around is seriously not worth the trouble.

Some may take this a little harder than others but the truth of the matter is that, it is an absolute myth that women shouldn’t ask men out. I mean where is it written? Sure, if you do not have the stomach for it then stay put. Some guys appreciate women who have confidence, know what they want and then go for it. Believe it or not, no guy would despise a woman for trying to take the pressure off him for once. It all depends on how brave you are.

Eliminate in the quickest way possible what are usually referred to as the ‘boy toys’ or men who only call you for a booty call. So maybe as humans we all need a little ‘something something’ from time to time but boy toys will only keep you from being totally available to men who are stable and ready to commit.

And while you’re at that, drop the bad boys too. You now know that these relationships go nowhere and while they’re initially exciting and a little dangerous, you know it’s only going to end badly. So save yourself the trouble and just sit that one out.

Whether you choose to go get membership at the gym or simply clean out your house or closet, find something to do. I’d suggest the gym primarily because you might meet a potential partner there just working on his already gorgeous abs. Who knows? Besides, the gym makes you feel better both physically and psychologically. When you feel better and more confident about yourself, you have the potential to attract just about anybody.

Have a splendid New Year!