Truth is the state of   being   factual. It is in contrast to being false or   a state of falsehood.Truth   also means sticking to certain principles or ideals.Being honest to your partner, honesty at work, all these are integral aspects of truth apart from speaking the truth. 

Truth is the state of   being   factual. It is in contrast to being false or   a state of falsehood. Truth   also means sticking to certain principles or ideals.

Being honest to your partner, honesty at work, all these are integral aspects of truth apart from speaking the truth. 

There are many theories   given by scholars and philosophers   as to what words, ideas or acts represent truth, what are against it. But the basic perceptions remain same.

There is a saying that truth always triumphs. This holds good even today.  Truth is appreciated in every   society and nation   of the world.

Due to greed for   some benefits, many people resort to telling lies.  Some lie out of fear   after doing something wrong and try to cover it with lies.

But   after speaking one lie, they have to speak many others to cover it. Sooner or later, others start realizing their fabrication. 

Gradually this   person in the habit of telling lies loses trust and dignity both at home and outside. People no longer trust them.

One can recall the story of the boy and the wolf. A young shepherd boy, while grazing his sheep in the forest   was used to   raising an   alarm everyday saying that a wolf has come.

Initially for some days people rushed out to help him, but realizing that it is a lie every time, they stopped doing so.

One day, the wolf actually came, but nobody came to help him thinking that he is giving a false call again.  What would have followed needs no imagination.

The truth is also   breached in a situation where there is a difference between speech and actions of a person. For example, a person may boast that he is very hard working and efficient.

But in reality he does nothing and makes several excuses for avoiding   work. A preacher may preach people about   certain code of conduct   but personally he may not follow it. The reality of such people is always exposed, at some time.  People no longer trust them.

Some people are dishonest in their work. They try to bungle funds, make false calculations to steal money.   Customers are cheated by some businessmen to make more profit. But ultimately such people are exposed   and punished.

One who is untrue to his spouse at home is also working against truth and living in falsehood. This becomes the cause for marital conflicts, divorce and broken homes.

People deviating from truth in any manner are not able to relax completely. They are always apprehensive about being caught. While worrying about it, their devious minds are always thinking of some more dishonest means. During all this, their   conscious would be troubling them.

 In contrast, a person who is always truthful is trusted by all. His word   would be final in any discussion, because what he says would be considered as authentic.

He can always   walk with his head held high and sleep peacefully. Thus he can put in more efforts in a positive direction and gets reward in the form of success. Moreover due to his integrity in following the path of truth, he is respected by all.

Therefore it is always better to be truthful in word and deed. Exception can be only one, and that is a situation where the truth is hurtful to some person.

For example, instead of pointing out   a   weakness of some person it is better to be silent or say something positive which will help him. There is a saying from ancient India, which when translated means,   a speech or action which is truthful and helpful to others is eternally beautiful.

A truthful person may not be rewarded   immediately, but he or she should not lose patience. It may take some time but honesty is always   appreciated.

Great men like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, e.t.c., are international icons for   truth. In spite of facing many difficulties, they stood firm on their ideals.  They followed what they preached and gained their objective.

Truth is eternally true and shall triumph.