Title chase

Weekend resultsAPR  2-2           Rayon SportsAS-Kigali  3-0            ZebraEspoir  5-0            EtincellesAtraco  1-1            PoliceMarine  1–0           UmurabyoKibuye  1–1           Jeunesse

Weekend resultsAPR  2-2           Rayon SportsAS-Kigali  3-0            ZebraEspoir  5-0            EtincellesAtraco  1-1            PoliceMarine  1–0           UmurabyoKibuye  1–1           Jeunesse

Rayon Sports fans came from all corners of the country with one thing to beat APR on the mind but after the game ended in 2-2 draw, a section of APR fans were overheard saying ‘God is an APR fan’.

Amahoro stadium was packed to more than its capacity; the atmosphere in and out of the stadium looked more of a final of a major competition than just a league match.

For such games, you have to have personal means of transport or else possibilities are high that you will fail to get it because of the big number of people.

Being among the majority without personal means, you it’s common sense that will normally mingle with the ‘real fans’ who sit in the stand and sing their voices horse at the same time making their different analysis of how the game went.

These fans do have their own way of analyzing games but their comments are the ones that normally catch my attention.The lead up to Saturday’s derby involved a lot of ‘big’ talking on either side. Each set of fans was confident of victory.

Rayon went into the game on the back of 2-1 victory over AS-Kigali and in contrast, APR has just lost rivals Atraco by the similar score line.

So if there is a set of fans that were in a more upbeat mood about victory, it is the Rayon’s but the game, it was the opposite fans who left the stadium laughing despite the game ending in a draw.

There was further more talking even after the game but one comment that gave me a clue about my next headline was like, ‘God is our fan’ and guess what, it was made by a section of jubilating APR fans.

Of course the champions were the happier team with the point well knowing that come what may, they are going to beat Zebra by a bigger score than the outcome of the Rayon against Police.

If both teams win their last league fixture, they will stay level on 59 points, thereby the champions being determined on goal difference of which favors the military side.

A draw from this game is exactly what Atraco needed provided they won all their remaining game starting with Police on Saturday but ‘Going being an APR fan’, all they [Atraco] could manage was a 1-1 draw.

With the way things stand at the moment, Atraco’s chances of being champions are all but finished, which leaves the race between the two traditional rivals.

The highest Atraco can hope to finish is third, however, that spot is current held by Mukura going into the final round of matches tomorrow.

The Huye based outfit have been the inform team of the second round, they have 53 points, three adrift of the leading pair and one ahead of Atraco.

They have high chances to finishing above Atraco if they win their last game at home to Etincelles and Jean Marie Ntagwabira’s side fail to get maximum points against Umurabyo and Marines.

Zebra, Jeunesse and Espoir are favorites to go down and they can be joined by one of Marines, AS-Kigali or Umurabyo.Espoir despite their league standing, were the biggest winners, putting five past Etincelles to move to 21 points, three behind Marines and five ahead of Jeunesse who are second from bottom.

Primus League Table

Team              P     W     D    L    PTSAPR                25    17    3     5     56Rayon            25    17    5     3     56Mukura         25    17    2     6     53Atraco           24    16    4     4      52Kiyovu          25    10     7    8      37Kibuye          25      9     6    10    33Etincelles     25      8     6    11    30Police            25      7     8    10    29   Umurabyo    25      7     7    11    28AS Kigali      24      5     10   9     25Marines        23      6     6    11    24Espoir           25      5     6    14    21Jeunesse      23      4     4    15    16Zebres        25    2     5   18   11


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