The teen songstress believes that today’s musicians are positive towards rebuilding Rwanda, unlike some of the pre-Genocide stars who promoted Genocide ideology.

“Singing about liberation shows the artistes’ dedication towards the country’s peace and security. It is still unfortunate that some of those who sung before us used this talent to spread hatred and dissection.” KNOWLESS

The seasoned local star explains that the liberation tune creates the mood for the event.

“They put us into the festive mood of surviving and crossing from the bad days of Genocide, into an era of hope and reconciliation. Imagine how empty the day would be without the Army Jazz Band, Sgt Robert and others to cheer us for the Liberation victory?” RAFIKI

This talented rapper profoundly sings about African history, nationalistic movements and patriotism.

“They are good and anyone who spares their time to write and record these songs is committed to national development. I am yet to release a single about the Liberation struggle because I am positive about these songs.” DIPLOMATE




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