Why are people afraid of journalists?

If you are witness to this topic, recall a time in your life when you were approached by a journalist or have heard encounters of how friends and relative have reacted when approached by the media. Below is word on the street about this ‘media-fear’.
L-R: Africa Jesse;Josephine Nyebaza;Moses Rusagara;Prisca Ingabire
L-R: Africa Jesse;Josephine Nyebaza;Moses Rusagara;Prisca Ingabire

“In Rwanda, you may want to think twice before you give your opinion. At least that is what I know. Some journalists tend to act like government informers and that is what people think.

In a dark room in a sauna, I have heard people comment on unbelievable stuff. In day light, no one wants to risk being accountable for comments they have mouthed. It’s a very sorry state. It’s hypocritical and God condemns it.”

Africa Jesse, Radio Flash Program Manager.

“Not all Rwandans fear journalists. Those who do it are either misinformed about journalists or have something to hide that happened in their past.”

Josephine Nyebaza, Vice President of Cleaning and Forwarding Firms.

“Some journalists when given information tend to twist it to their desired angle and that is the major reason why common people run away from them.”

Moses Rusagara, Architect.

“Personally I have no problem with talking to a journalist however; it is good to be very intelligent in your answers because they are good at tricking people.”

Prisca Ingabire, Salesperson DHL.