Is local football losing popularity?

Today, Society Magazine unveils the state of Rwanda’s football through the eyes of the local viewer. This is word on the street about the dilemma of whether local football is losing its sweet taste.
L-R: John Bosco Mutijima;Sarah Mahoro;Betty Mukeshimana; Patrick Kitoko
L-R: John Bosco Mutijima;Sarah Mahoro;Betty Mukeshimana; Patrick Kitoko

“Football in this country has not yet lost its popularity. I only believe the level at which the game is, needs well experienced people to just make it wonderful otherwise, Rwandans love football.”

John Bosco Mutijima, Founder of Under Age Christian Mission (UCM)

“The truth should be told. The game is gradually losing popularity because there are lots of issues causing this.”

Sarah Mahoro, Hairdresser, Look Nice Beauty Saloon, Kimironko.

“I think the game has not lost popularity yet, but the problem is the way people look at local football in comparison to other games in the Premier League. These tournaments should never be compared at all.”

Betty Mukeshimana, Businesswoman, Kimironko.

“I think this game has already lost popularity based on how I see the turn up of fans whenever there is a match. I even believe Rwandans do not love this game and to be honest, I cannot tell why.”

Patrick Kitoko, Musician.