Would you take a lift from a stranger?

Hours standing by the roadside in anticipation for a passenger bus can sometimes become a headache. When a bus finally stops by, it has one seat left and passengers battle their way in. When public transport becomes a menace, several have turned to taking tempting lifts from kind strangers.  Here is word on the street on whether it is okay to accept a lift from a complete stranger.

 “It is not possible at all. I cannot dare ask for a lift from a stranger. Suppose he is a wrong person. However, if the person driving is a female, I will go because I believe females can be trusted.”

Peace Ingabire, Rwanda Tourism University Institute (RTUC).

“Asking for a lift is not bad. I cannot miss an appointment that would earn me good money just because I failed to ask for a lift from a stranger. After all, we meet and deal with strangers in our daily life.”

Philly Manirafasha, Private Sector.

“I personally don’t think I would do such a thing. I believe it is first of all unacceptable to ask anything from a person you do not know and for that case I can never ask for a lift from a stranger.”

Tembue Zembele Waololo, Associate Professor in Linguistics.

“It depends. I would ask for a lift from a stranger depending on the situation. If its getting dark and I have to be somewhere or at home on time, I can ask for it.”

Joseline Uwicyeza, Private Sector.