Would you marry someone unattractive for money?

Getting married in Rwanda is crazy! Huge expenses, several people to impress and a lot of pledges to collect as well as, cheques to dish out. Therefore, the thought of marriage is a horrific nightmare for some and a pleasant fairytale for others—as long as money is involved. This is street talk on why a sober person would opt for the ‘Beauty and the Beast syndrome’ and get married anyway.
Everyone was catered for, including the children at the Merry-go-round.
Everyone was catered for, including the children at the Merry-go-round.

“Love is more valuable than money. When it comes to marriage, what matters is to focus on what will make your family better in the future with or without a lot of money.”

Joan Ingabire, Miss SFB 2008.

“What if you get married to someone because of their money and just after a short period of time their financial stand collapses? Would you start chasing after someone else? I would not advise anyone to get married to people’s money but to the real person you love.”

Alain Mukurarinda, Prosecution Spokesperson.

“I don’t believe in marrying someone because of his money but to someone whom you love because you can work hard and get money but even if you are loaded with cash it can be very difficult to buy love and peace.”

Grace Bahati, Miss Rwanda 2010.

“Getting married to someone’s finances, means that they will never value you as the love of their life but a lover of their possessions.”

Melliere Umutesi, Gikondo resident.