Society Debate: Are New Year routine superstitions useful?

To hell with routine Call me modern but New Year eve routines are just a waste of space.

To hell with routine

Call me modern but New Year eve routines are just a waste of space.

All those frisky beliefs about do’s and don’ts as people impatiently wait for midnight so as to celebrate the first day of is new year are just good for nothing. Infact, unreasonable is an under statement when it comes to describing how the world fools itself while they believe in new-year customs. What are New Year customs anyway?

New Year customs are the routines that people believe in doing on New Year’s Eve as they embrace the fresh year.

These practices differ according to countries and their culture. Opening windows and letting the old year out, wearing new cloths, starting the year while out of the house, writing down New Year resolutions, burning the Christmas tree, not letting money out of the house….and so on are some of the New Year eve superstitions and practices.

If I may ask, do the above make any sense to any logical person? Yet they are the order of the day! You’ll say New Year eve practices are harmless but I am here to disapprove you. Here is why you should start concentrating on reasonable issues than entering the New Year in style.

Resolutions suck. Even the most unserious chap will jot down resolutions that they will never follow anyway, just because that’s the custom and what everyone is doing on New Years Eve.

Empty head, what happened to your last year’s resolutions? What happens to people who have achieved a lot and they just want to continue, with their routine, not funny aiming higher New Year resolutions?

Since time in memory, the New Year has to start when you are some where out, watching fireworks and drinking yourself silly. Do you have any idea that you are risking your life all in the name of following routine? Anyway, what’s special with New Years Eve, it a day like any other.

Reckless drivers, high crime rates, are on the rise on New Year eve because people just can’t stay at home!! When you get run over is when you will understand that running around with the Christmas tree was a mistake in the first place.

Only wizardry school grandaunts would know clearly why this or that should be done this or that way, inorder for the new year to be a blessing. Get over your unreasonable self and understand that beginning a new year without millions in your wallet doesn’t mean a broke year ahead.

Otherwise you will end up robbing a bank, in respect of lousy superstitions. And if I may ask, did all happily married couples have their first kiss on New Years Eve?

The peak of New Year eve confusion comes with the routine for many to start the year in church, I hear in the presence of God. Lucky you that God is all merciful otherwise how could some explain a completely Godless year and then hunt for churches to start the new year from?

Will such an opportunist even remember to thank God for his protection throughout the year; obviously they will only seek blessings in their already doomed business.

Around centuries, New Year eve routines have not changed and have caused no impact at all. Why not opt for a reasonable cause, maybe 24 hours of working or charity on New Year’s Eve than cling to these doomed good for nothing routines?

May you have a happy new year, free of lousy beliefs and routines? You could also choose to continue the foolery with the funny routines, perhaps the forth-coming generation will need to know how lousy their ancestors were.