Develop your spirit of giving this Christmas

The Christmas period portrays an attitude of love, care and giving.
Group of kids with dolls.
Group of kids with dolls.

The Christmas period portrays an attitude of love, care and giving.

The Christmas Season is most enjoyed if the spirit of giving present. The act of giving depicts love; therefore during this Christmas try to look after needy people who are sick, the orphans and handicapped.

When you visit them, carry with you presents, hug and talk to them about Christmas, they will fill loved and forget any misery.

The true spirit of Christmas is characterized by generosity—not the generosities of material gifts and presents, but offering loveand care to everyone regardless their status.

Give more of your own loving presence this Christmas since it’s the greatest gift of all.

Think about ways of being compassionate to someone who is hurting, encourage someone who is discouraged and at least  share a meal with someone who is hungry.

It’s through such acts that the beauty of Christmas is seen.

While spending Christmas with your family and friends, consider the true meaning of Christmas by putting into consideration the willingness to forgive those who have mistreated you; seek forgiveness for your mistakes.

Always remember the good things others have done for you.

The spirit of Christmas is like a vessel that overflows with love. Above all, accepting Jesus Christ in your life is the best Christmas present anyone can receive in this period since you will be celebrating His birthday.