Story Corner : Hard at Work in Santa’s Workshop

As Christmas was nearing, all the creatures of the forest were hard at work. Santa’s special sack had to be filled to the brim with toys.

As Christmas was nearing, all the creatures of the forest were hard at work. Santa’s special sack had to be filled to the brim with toys.

In order for this to happen, they were busy working right round the clock to finish in time for Christmas eve.

An assortment of toys had to go into this sack, so everything had to be very carefully made and placed inside.

On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus has a particularly busy time, as he has to travel right round the world to each and every country, all in one evening!

Filling each child’s stocking with toys, so that each child in the universe will be able to have a present when they wake up on Christmas morning.

Led by his wonderful and capable team of Reindeer, pulling his heavily laden sled, he travels the night sky fulfilling his very special task of making every boy and girls wishes and dreams of what they would like to have come true.

Several months before Christmas, Santa had a meeting with all the various creatures that made their home in the forest.

He met with the Elves, the Squirrels, the Rabbits and even the Tortoises. This meeting was to make the necessary arrangements of what each animal would make for the children of the world.

The Elves wanted to make Kites, the Squirrels wanted to make dolls, the Rabbits to make toy cars and the Tortoises opted for Books.

The rest of the toys were allocated to all the other animals. Thus, all the animals had a project that they must accomplish, on time for Christmas Eve.

Once everything had been made and painted and ready to leave the workshop, all the animals gathered for the arduous task of filling Santa’s sack.

They huffed and puffed as they worked. Some of the smaller animals found it quite strenuous work, but they all knew that Santa’s sack had to be filled and ready for Christmas Eve.

They needed all the energy that they could muster, so their little wives brought along buckets filled with acorns, various nuts and leaves and little treats to sustain them and to keep them filled with happiness while they were working so hard.

Eventually, the great night arrived. The Stars put on their brightest lights to guide Santa and the reindeer on their way.

The sled was decorated with tinsel and little bells; they made a circle and sang lovely Christmas Carols to speed Santa well on his journey across the sky to deliver those special gifts.

Stepping on the rooftops silently, as he did not want to be heard by the children, Santa made his descent down chimneys.

At the homes that did not possess a chimney, Santa made himself very small so that he could squeeze through a slightly open window left ajar for this occasion.

In case he felt hungry on this long journey, many children left him mince pies or biscuits and a glass of milk. After all, a trip right around the world in one night is a very tiring trip indeed.

Before the dawn, Santa left the last present in his sack in the stocking of the child who lived at the last house that he had to visit.

Then, feeling very weary indeed, his reindeer took him back to his home in Lapland, to rest and prepare for the following year, when he will again visit the children of the world.

Remember children, loving and giving as Santa is, he would prefer to give presents to the children whom listen to their Parents and are always polite and helpful.

Good Night and Merry Christmas to all!