Should parents give pre-teens phones?

Everybody needs a telephoneDoes anybody realize the weird rate at which technology is advancing? Right now, almost everything that I have has been given to me through technology.

Everybody needs a telephone
Does anybody realize the weird rate at which technology is advancing? Right now, almost everything that I have has been given to me through technology.

Be it the movie I will watch tonight, that funny status update that will make me burst out and laugh in a taxi, or those close friends I have never met in real life… don’t I just love this virtual world!

Two weeks ago, I laid my eyes on an electronic notebook for the first time! This Muzungu guy brought it to a function and flashed it around so everybody could see. I tried not to mind but man, it was too nice to ignore, got me gaping.

No wonder science fiction movies are dying out slowly; we are living in those days, the Space Odyssey 2001 is real now.

The mobile telephone has been the most widely used technology piece, cheaper than a computer, lighter than the fixed phone, it has officially become a permanent member for any business and relationship.

Never minding the fact that it was not invented until yesterday but one, the rate at which a mobile phone has been adapted in the daily life of an average individual, portrays its everlasting importance to all of humanity, including teenagers.

A teenager too needs to stay in touch with his buddies, make new and useful connections that will not only benefit his future, but also keep him from boredom.

Owning a phone is one of the easiest things today, Tigo and MTN are always embroiled in battle to be the best telecom networks and in the long run, we are the beneficiaries. Thanks to them, we can now buy phones at Rwf 5,000.

Therefore, the excuse of expense must be cut out. Anybody who wants can buy a small phone for the teenage child.

For matters of following up on homework in holidays, phones can also be a prerequisite for a teenager’s academic excellence at school.

Sometimes, parents, due to the nature of their work, don’t get time to spend with their children in their holidays. They come home late when the kids are asleep, only to rise early and leave before the children are out of bed.

In this case, a parent can buy a phone for his young teenage girl, call her, chat away and make up for that lost time.

If there is any danger at home, a child with a phone will easily notify his parents or the police, unlike the one who is deprived of a phone who will try to fight the daylight burglars all on his own.

It is high time people started looking outside the box and became aware of the basic use of the phone. Its primary function is to enable communication.

Some people believe that someone must be mature enough to use a mobile phone… I just don’t understand that style of argument.

I tried to think of a reason why a teenager should be denied to own a mobile phone and frankly, I just couldn’t come up with one idea why.

The world is advancing fast; it will leave behind whoever is not adjusting by its advances. As a parent, you should not deny your teenagers a chance to move along.

Children have the ability to learn and adapt faster than older people. By availing them every available sophisticated piece of technology, they learn to use it manipulate it and in the long run, they become geniuses and experts.

Parents, please don’t be so hard on these youngsters, just give them some benefit of a doubt.

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