The miraculous cure and deciet of technology

Technology surrounds us like chicken-pox, we are always exposed to it in one way or another.
Hours on the internet makes people unreal.
Hours on the internet makes people unreal.

Technology surrounds us like chicken-pox, we are always exposed to it in one way or another.

There is no escape from it; we awake with the sound of the alarm clock. We look at the time. We check our phones for missed calls and messages.

We check our email and networking sites then quickly microwave or boil a cup of coffee on a cooker, then step in our cars or taxi to work, where we find dozens of other gadgets awaiting our arrival.

Many of us are always thankful for our daily usage of today’s modern technology. Every day, we get to perform our daily tasks easier because we have the helpful materials and gadgets that keep us at ease.

Life will never be as easy as we look at it now without the advancement of technology; simply think of how stone-age man struggled to create fire.

Now, we can make one with just a click. Recall how transportation was done back then and see how much it has improved today. We are all living a better and more comfortable life because of technology.

With the invention of technological miracles such as telephones and computers, we can instantly be in contact with the rest of the world. Technology is also leading the way in the medical field. So many diseases are cured through the uses of advanced electronics.

We surely have reason to be grateful for having all these modern equipment, and they no doubt help us in many ways.

But we have been so busy inventing and embracing the latest gadget on the market and turned blind to the fact that the more we dive into it the more we are destroying our planet beyond repair.

Cars, bikes and trains we us to go from place to place make traveling easier and faster, but they polluted air like no man’s business. Fish and other creatures of the sea and oceans are not safe either; submarines, ships and boats of all shapes and sizes see to it that oceans and other water-bodies are equally polluted.

In years to come, if nothing is done, we will be moving with oxygen masks covering our noses and mouth and or probably start buying oxygen tanks and strap them on our backs just to breath because the air around us will be too toxic for our fragile bodies.

Is that the future we want for us and our kids? Seeing their eyes sunken from countless sleepless nights on internet browsing the latest porn sites and all ask parents is when the new version of Windows in coming out.

Technology itself is not bad, it is people that use and abuse it. We need to look at technology at different angles and realize that there are good qualities to it but there are also repurcussions related to technological advancement.

Humans need to be the technology’s master not its slave. The trick is to learn to control the gadgets that belong to you.